The Canoe
by Larry

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Canoe, about 50 cm. long.

The traditional canoe, from my point of view, is by far the most elegant, efficient and alluring (not to mention fun) of all the small aquatic craft. There is true adventure in boarding a fine canoe. Swift as the flight of a swallow over placid waters, we silently explore the mysteries of a wilderness lake. From the natives of this land, given to the Euro-explorers, and into this 'modern' day, canoes have changed as often as the wind. Still, they are always a canoe. My model is likened to the Peterburogh Prospector of some seventy decades. One of my favorite designs.

Construction is miniaturized from the cedar-strip building method. Fine cedar, redwood or mahogany veneer strips are built-up over molds and epoxied for strength. This hull is then fitted out with finishwork of oak, poplar or pine. Let's not forget woven seats and laminated paddles. A few coats of varnish and there she shines. Takes a while.

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Cedar Strip Canoe Building a (full size) Cedar Strip Canoe