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Thunderbird Sloop (17 cm. Long)
Jewel Box
Jewelry Box Clock Boat
(21cm. High)
Maine Lobster Boat (23 cm. Long)
Ships Wheel Clocks (12 cm. High)

The Clock Sailboat is built from the idea of the famous Thunderbird Sailing Sloop which was designed some forty years ago, for construction with plywood and fiberglass. Many of these boats are still sailing today in the waters from western Canada to southern California and beyond. Mine was number 16, last of the second group of eight, and so was fitted with lots of mahogany and teak appointments. Although designed for racing, my boat named Kejimkujik, was used for weekend cruising along the central California caost. I learned to sail her in the early spring when the eastern Pacific seas are high and the wind brisk. And so, I am left with fond memories of 'working the boat' on many adventurous cruises.
The clock Thunderbird makes a nice desk clock or piece for the mentle, or just a neat gift for someone who enjoys things nautical.

The new Jewelry Box Clock Boat is made for keeping small piescs of jewelry in the drawer or on the shelf, and of course, keeping time. The quartz clock measures 3.5 cm. and the picture space is 7.5 X 6 cm. Made of redwood and pine it stands 21 cm. tall. This clock boat is ideal for both women and men as it can store ear rings, tie clips, rings and other small personal items. Make it a special gift for him or her.

The Maine Lobster Boat (hull design) is one that is popular in the lobster fishing fleets of Maine and along the eastern seaboard. They can be seen in many colors with cabins that vary in shape and size but the boats are unique for their work. One (Maine lobster boat) that particularly comes to mind is the RV Ed Ricketts which I had the pleasurable occasion of driving for some years for Marine Science Research, along California's central coast. The Ed Ricketts, named after the famed marine scientist Doc Ricketts of Monterey (and included in Stienbeck's writings), handled the swells and chop of Monterey Bay with grace; but she loved a warm sunny afternoon with flat seas.
The Maine Lobster Boat/Clock also makes a nice desk, mantle or gift piece.

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